Our Community


We believe that in connecting with other campus organizations, administrations and programs we can amplify our mission and work to benefit our campus.


Our events are designed to bring students together through fun, inclusive activities that engage students on topics they would typically avoid.


We hope within our organization we can create an inclusive community of students, passionate about making change.

This Year's Leaders

Our chapter leaders help make our organization thrive. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, each brings unique skills and tons of enthusiam to our chapter at IU.

  • George Hutchins, President

    GeorgePatrick J.  Hutchins currently serves as the President of UBC2M. He is a third-year undergraduate student double majoring in Biochemistry and Sociology with plans to attend medical school and become a cardiothoracic surgeon/medical researcher. In addition to his interest in exploring traditional biomedical research topics, George is interested in further understanding the link between the sociology of stigma and its implications for those impacted by it. He has a personal passion for these issues, as several individuals close to him have struggled with mental illness. George hopes to improve both the physical and mental health of individuals and future patients he will encounter by bridging his dual passions for medicine and mental health awareness.  He believes his participation in UBC2M and commitment to promoting its primary mission of combatting stigma on college campuses is the perfect way to begin making these improvements.

  • Korie Rice, Communications Director

    Korie is the Communications Director for U Bring Change to Mind. She will be a senior pursuing her B.A. Degree in Psychology. Korie shows admirable commitment to the mental health field. Along with UBC2M, she is involved in Crimson Corps, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and is employed as a Mental Health Technician at a psychiatric clinic. Her passion is to ensure a better health care system where mental health is seen just as important as physical health. She believes with further advocacy and education, people will have better access to health needs and will feel encouraged to reach out. 

  • Maggie Benson, Membership Director

    Maggie is a senior here at Indiana University. She is working towards a degree in chemistry/pre-med, and is looking to pursue a career in the medical field. Maggie became involved with UBC2M after taking Dr. Pescosolido's medical sociology course. The course's sociological perspective on mental health fueled her interest and determination regarding mental health advocacy, while ultimately giving her a new passion. Through professor Pescosolido's class, she began to realize the scientific link to mental health issues. Maggie believes mental health advocacy is extremely important because of its relevance to society and persistence among her friends and family. She believes mental Health is health, and that is should be treated equally. Her personal experiences, including the lose of a family member to suicide, further strengthened her passion and determination towards mental health advocacy. She believes that creating a more open, understanding, and educated society through her and her peers' efforts will ultimately alter negative perceptions related to mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

  • Rachel Brown, Events Director

    Rachel Brown is a senior neuroscience major from Fishers, Indiana. As a Cox Research Scholar, Rachel has spent her college career working in the Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior Lab to investigate how mental illness stigma acts as a barrier that prevents individuals from seeking treatment for mental health issues.  In the fall of 2016, she made the decision to join UBC2M.  The driving force behind this choice was that Rachel's membership would allow her to bridge the gap between the theoretical nature of her research and the real-time impact of UBC2M's campaign to end stigma toward mental illnesses. In working with the organization, she enjoys the challenge of striving to discuss and change attitudes about mental health with students and staff at IU.  In her free time, you'll find Rachel riding around Bloomington as captain of Kappa Alpha Theta's Little 500 team, studying for the MCAT in coffee shops, and pretending to understand lyrics to Bon Iver songs.

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President, George, helps direct volunteers at an event
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Students came to support the launch of our campus bus campaign
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Students were able to meet with film directory, Paul Dalio, at a collaborative event with IU Cinema
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A team of volunteers from the 2016 "Bring in the Booty" event
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Directors, Maggie and Rachel, manage event checkin
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George helps engage students about UBC2M at a Welcome Week event