Our Community


We believe that in connecting with other campus organizations, administrations and programs we can amplify our mission and work to benefit our campus.


Our events are designed to bring students together through fun, inclusive activities that engage students on topics they would typically avoid.


We hope within our organization we can create an inclusive community of students, passionate about making change.

This Year's Leaders

Our chapter leaders help make our organization thrive. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, each brings unique skills and tons of enthusiam to our chapter at IU.

GeorgePatrick J.  Hutchins currently serves as the President of UBC2M. He is a third-year undergraduate student double majoring in Biochemistry and Sociology with plans to attend medical school and become a cardiothoracic surgeon/medical researcher. In addition to his interest in exploring traditional biomedical research topics, George is interested in further understanding the link between the sociology of stigma and its implications for those impacted by it. He has a personal passion for these issues, as several individuals close to him have struggled with mental illness. George hopes to improve both the physical and mental health of individuals and future patients he will encounter by bridging his dual passions for medicine and mental health awareness.  He believes his participation in UBC2M and commitment to promoting its primary mission of combatting stigma on college campuses is the perfect way to begin making these improvements.


Christine is a senior at IU Bloomington and serves as Co-President of UBC2M. Christine will graduate with a Biology B.S degree and a minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Christine plans to continue her efforts to end the stigma surrounding mental health through her future career as she is interested in pursuing medicine with a specialty in Psychiatry. Christine’s passion stems from personal experiences with family members and friends, Dr. Pescosolido’s research and instruction, and from her own employment at the Bloomington hospital in the Emergency Room. Also known as Machu Picchu girl, Christine further spreads the message and incites change on her adventures around the world.

Hello! My name is Cennie Scott and I am a junior studying Media Science, Marketing, and American Sign Language (ASL). I am really passionate about how media effects our perception on things, people, and places; particularly the misrepresentation of minorities in the media. What does that mean? If it is bad, can we change that? I also am working towards becoming an ASL interpreter after graduation! Again, learning about an undervalued and overlooked part of this world, the Deaf community. I have a love for talking about difficult topics and Mental Health is sadly one of them. So, lets start a conversation!!


Samantha Ake is a sophomore at IU Bloomington and is majoring in biology and minoring in Russian. Some of Samantha’s hobbies include playing viola and piano, painting, drawing, and volunteering. She joined UBC2M at the beginning of her freshman year and has been a dedicated member ever since. She is a firm believer that mental health is a very important topic to be discussed, taught, and reduced of stigma. As membership director this upcoming year, Samantha is looking forward to engaging with new and old members at general body meetings and creating content for some fun and interesting discussions! 


Jordan is the Events Director for UBC2M. He will be a sophomore pursuing B.S. degrees in Neuroscience and Biochemistry with minors in Spanish and Music. He hopes to attend medical school after his undergraduate education and is interested in neurosurgery. Jordan became involved with UBC2M after taking Dr. Pescosolido’s medical sociology course in the fall of 2017. He hopes that mental illness will eventually be perceived by the majority of people much like any other illness and believes that clubs like UBC2M are important to initiate that change. In addition to UBC2M, he is also pursuing research in a physical virology lab studying the self-assembly of viruses and is involved with Crimson Corps.

President, George, helps direct volunteers at an event
Students came to support the launch of our campus bus campaign
Students were able to meet with film directory, Paul Dalio, at a collaborative event with IU Cinema
A team of volunteers from the 2016 "Bring in the Booty" event
Directors, Maggie and Rachel, manage event checkin
George helps engage students about UBC2M at a Welcome Week event