An Illuminated Mind: An Exhibition Interpreting Mental Health Through Art


Each year we challenge students to come up with new ways to inspire students to contribute towards the mission of reducing stigma around mental health issues. The ingenuity of students has led to the creation of many U Bring Change to Mind events and we want to continue to harness their creativity and individual strengths to make change. 

This year, U Bring Change to Mind and Union Board's Canvas Magazine are hosting "An Illuminated Mind," an art exhibition that explores students' interactions with mental health and mental health issues. 

This exhibition calls for submissions of any form of art, design or poetry. This art exhibition and creative writing reading focuses around artist expression and its ties to mental health. For many people there is a strong relationship between art and mental health issues— whether one used art as a tool towards their own recovery or as a means of putting into imagery feelings and conditions that are challenging to describe verbally. We are open to submissions of any piece that tells a story about mental health.

To turn in your submission here! Entries due by February 25th! 

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